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    HANGZHOU DRYAIR TREATMENT EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD has developed a wide variety of dessicant dehumidifier products according to market demand and guest requirement. 1.Humidity control requirements of air conditioning systems It is especially suitable for the room with relative humidity ≤50% or the air cond...--08 Sep
  • Gather wonderful, show the brand --Dryair successfully concluded in CIBF2023
    The three-day 15th Shenzhen International Battery Technology Exchange/Exhibition (CIBF2023) ended successfully  on May 18th at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center.   CIBF2023 has 12 pavilions, covering 240,000 square meters. The exhibition attracted a total of nearly 180,000 visi...--26 May
  • Quality and Integrity Report
    2020 Annual Corporate Quality Integrity Report.pdf--01 Nov
  • Social Responsibility Report
    Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2020.pdf--01 Nov
  • Annual Innovation Technology-GaoGong Golden Globe Award
    As a leader in energy-saving dehumidification and drying purification system, our company was shortlisted for the 2019 GaoGong Golden Ball, an industry authoritative selection held by GaoGong Lithium Award - Annual Innovation Technology Award.--20 Dec
  • Best Synergy Award from EVERLIGHT Supplier
    Hangzhou Jereh won the 2019 Supplier Best Synergy Award from EVERLIGHT--10 Dec
  • Why the rotor dehumidifier will not start properly
    The rotor dehumidifier belongs to an important branch in the field of air conditioning, and is a typical representative of warming and dehumidification. At present, the world's main sources of rotor dehumidifiers are concentrated in the United States, Japan, Sweden and China, etc. China's rotor dehu...--28 May
  • Let your dehumidifier not buy for nothing
    The return of southern days is the weather back to the damp phenomenon, generally appear in the spring of February and March, mainly because the cold air away, warm and humid airflow quickly counterattack, resulting in the return of temperature, air humidity increased, some cold objects on the surfa...--28 May
  • Air rotor dehumidifier development trend trend analysis
    1、Overview. Market response shows that the chemical industry expects the drying equipment manufacturing industry to adjust the product structure according to the requirements of high quality, low energy consumption and environmental protection, further strengthen the basic research and solidify the...--24 May
  • Summer is coming, teach you a trick to get rid of moisture
    Summer is coming, teach you a trick to dehumidify! This week we ushered in the 'summer', officially saying goodbye to spring and starting a long summer journey. There are dragonflies standing on the head, a small lotus just reveal the tip of the corner. The summer, this year's summer, the temperatur...--24 May
  • How to operate the dehumidifier overpressure
    How to operate the dehumidifier overpressure   I will explain to you about the dehumidifier overpressure how to operate, you must be in strict accordance with the main operating instructions on the manual   The following are several common phenomena of overpressure we need to pay attention to how ...--08 May
  • Why use a rotor dehumidifier?
    Rotor dehumidifier with large dehumidification capacity, good dehumidification effect, wide application area, with automatic dehumidification device, has been widely used in many fields such as national defense industry, aerospace, food electronics, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, machinery ma...--08 May