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NMP Solvent Recovery System Manufacturers

NMP solvent, namely N-methyl pyrrolidone, is a colorless transparent oil liquid with low volatility, good thermal and chemical stability. Because of its high flash point and good safety, it is widely used as an organic solvent in the lithium battery manufacturing industry. The design of NMP recovery unit is to separate and recover the NMP component (water) from the gas containing NMP (water) released by the coating-machine, and return the purified air to the NMP/heat recovery equipment of the coating-machine oven to achieve environmental protection standards and resource recovery under the condition of low energy efficiency. At present, our equipment had been widely used in lithium battery factories, like EVE, Vision, YN energy, etc.
Hangzhou Dry Air Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional China NMP Solvent Recovery System Manufacturers and Wholesale NMP Solvent Recovery System Suppliers. With a world-class team of research and development, marketing and service engineers, we have been researching and developing cutting-edge technology in environment and air treatment industry, our products are widely used in aviation, environmental protection, lithium battery, food, architecture, pharmaceutical, and many other industries, moreover, we have experience of providing integrated solutions and technical support for large satellite launch base, important cabin of Chinese Navy vessels, Chinese Army's warehouses. The company which was founded in 2004, is located in Qingshan science and technology industrial zone in the west of Hangzhou, covers an area of 25000 square meters and has more than 200 staff.