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Oil Gas Condensation Recovery

  • Oil Gas Condensation Recovery
  • Oil Gas Condensation Recovery
  • Oil Gas Condensation Recovery
Principle Introduction:

Oil gas condensation characteristic is a property that the vapor partial pressure of each light hydrocarbon component in oil and gas varies at different temperatures, and when the temperature gradually decreases, the vapor partial pressure of each light hydrocarbon component gradually reaches saturation, thus gradually condensing into a liquid state. The oil gas condensation characteristic is closely related to the oil gas components, and affects the oil gas condensation process, exhaust gas indications and energy consumption.

Working principal: Condensation recovery is to cool and condense steam from gas into liquid, which is suitable for recovering harmful substances in steam state.

Especially used to recover organic solvent vapor with mass concentration above 1000 mg/m3. Theoretically, a high degree of purification can be achieved, but the cost will also increase. The equipment and operating conditions required for condensation recovery are relatively simple and the purity of the recovered material is relatively high, so it is often used as a pre-treatment for purification methods such as adsorption and combustion to lighten the load when using these methods. In chlor-alkali industry, people commonly use condensation method to turn water vapor into liquid mercury and recovery. In addition, high humidity exhaust gas is also condensed by the condensation method to make the water vapor condense down,which greatly reduces the air volume and facilitates the next operation.

Advantageous features

▶  Suitable for small air volume, high concentration, adsorption difficulties and other working conditions.                                                  

▶  Compared with RCO, RTO and other treatment processes; condensation method has no safe distance, and the machine is explosion-proof. Meanwhile the safety performance is high.

▶  Small footprint of the unit and not affected by the environmental terrain.

▶  Stable operation, not afraid of peak concentration fluctuations, saving investment.

▶  Without dealing with hazardous waste cost.

▶  Chemical and pharmaceutical exhaust gas can be condensed and recovered and the recovery benefit is considerable. 

▶  Especially suitable for high concentration mixed exhaust gas or the situation when RCO/RTO cannot be directly use, etc. 

Application industries:

Suitable for chemical, pharmaceutical, refining, new materials and other industries.

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