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Turnkey project of clean dry room

● Our company able to undertake turnkey projects including dry rooms.

● Turnkey project consists of rotary dehumidification system, supporting refrigeration system, ventilation duct system, dry room structure system, lighting and control system.
● Non-standard design according to customer’ technical requirements.

DRYAIR Dry Room or Clean Room Design, Fabrication & Installation:

Manufacturers of moisture-sensitive or hygroscopic products can realize substantial productivity and quality increases, along with greatly reduced energy consumption by utilizing an efficient DRYAIR Dry Room. Lithium, Lithium battery, pharmaceutical, food and glass manufacturers, as well as many other specialized applications have been using DRYAIR Dry Rooms successfully for many years. A Dry Room, built by DRYAIR, can provide many special advantages:

● Vapor-tight construction (panels, seams and air locks) reduces moisture sources to personnel load and makeup air load, and improve system stability and efficiency.

DRYAIR turnkey responsibility assures single-source guarantee on room meeting specifications and reduced management cost for client.

Wall panel system facilitates room expansion or relocation; Improves efficient use of the panel system and avoids overlapping investment.

All components are sourced from world-class suppliers, improving stability of the system, prolonging service life, and assuring the end user more investment return.

DRYAIR global experience in Turnkey Dry Room fabrication and installation

DRYAIR Heat Recovery technology provides lower energy costs.
Professional design, strict material selection, and DRYAIR disciplined fabrication process ensures, safe, efficient operation for many years.

Hangzhou Dry Air

Hangzhou Dry Air Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD is a professional China Systems Engineering-Dry Room manufacturers and OEM Dry Room factory.Is devoted to providing integrated environmental solutions for aerospace equipment and many other civilian applications. With a world-class team of research and development, marketing and service engineers, we have been researching and developing cutting-edge technology in environment and air treatment industry, our products are widely used in aviation, environmental protection, lithium battery, food, architecture, pharmaceutical, and many other industries, moreover, we have experience of providing integrated solutions and technical support for large satellite launch base, important cabin of Chinese Navy vessels, Chinese Army's warehouses. The company which was founded in 2004, is located in Qingshan science and technology industrial zone in the west of Hangzhou, covers an area of 25000 square meters and has more than 200 staff.

Adhering to safe, reliable and rigorous concept, relying on the abundant technical research and development ability, the company has achieved great development in many industrial applications of its products in recent years; The company has a number of independent property rights, it was awarded two patents of invention and nearly 20 utility patents; In the process of products and technology research and development, the company attach much importance to deep cooperation with some major domestic scientific research institutes. An environment testing laboratory has been built in cooperation with Zhejiang university which can provide good reference for government to set environment management standards and some other industrial standards.